Every marketer and business owner knows the importance of social media. With companies fiercely fighting for people’s attention, social media has become the best platform to reach them.

However, if you want to build a solid, cohesive presence that drives results, social media requires a significant time investment. Despite it being free to join, social media can become a costly red line in your financial statements if you have to hire a team to manage it for you.

But don’t sweat it just yet. We are bringing you four amazing tools that will save you time and money.

For creating engaging content

Social Media content needs to be highly visual to connect and engage with your audience. 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, and they consistently outperform posts without images or videos.

However, taking (and editing) the pictures and videos to go with your social media posts is not cost effective. What can you do instead? Here are some excellent websites to find visual content:

Unsplash has over 550,000 free, high-resolution pictures from actual photographers. You can download them and use them straight away.

Pexels Videos emulates Unsplash but, instead of photos, you will find stock videos that range through a variety of topics and lengths.

Giphy is your go-to place to find all types of gifs, an extremely popular type of short, animated video.

And finally, use Canva for quick and simple photo edits that do not require mastering Photoshop.

For interacting with your customers

Picture your best customer service representative. Now, imagine that he could work all day, every day, and would never complain. How awesome would that be?

Bots are exactly that. Fueled by AI, they help you strengthen your relationship with your customers on social media by providing constant support and information. Chatfuel and Botsify are two fantastic options to easily build your own bots, and they start at only $15/month.

For automating your social media posts: SocialChimp

Continually posting on social media is necessary, but it will also take a big share of your already limited time. Instead of hiring a social media management team or outsourcing it for a large fee, you can let SocialChimp quickly take over for a tiny fraction of the cost.

But what does SocialChimo do? SocialChimp is the number one social media post scheduler that allows you to automatically share your content to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. You can now schedule all your week’s post all at once and in advance.

Unlike other social media automation tools, SocialChimp lets you set up unlimited posts because your business will need a constant stream of content, right? Another key advantage is the possibility to create Facebook growth campaigns.

Whether you are focused on creating more engaging content, quickly interacting with your customers, or not wasting long hours posting on social media, these are the much-needed tools that will save you time, money, and effort on your next marketing campaign.

Marti writes about digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Find him with coffee and a laptop while traveling back and forth between Barcelona and Charlotte. Connect with him on LinkedIn.