Pinterest is a social media platform that has been under-the-radar, and most advertisers are missing out on a potentially very lucrative market. It allows you to share, discover, and make your own collections of visual ideas that you can bookmark (“pin”) to your profile.

All social media channels are as powerful as their users. So, first of all…

Who’s on Pinterest?

Pinterest’s demographics has a highly targeted niche audience. It has over 250M active monthly users, half of those from the United States. But here’s where it gets interesting: 81% of its users are female (mostly Millennials), and 1 out of every 2 makes over $50k a year.

No other social media platform offers a more direct channel to Millennial women in the US –a huge competitive edge for businesses with this target market.

Next question: should my business be on Pinterest?

More than likely! 93% of its users say that they use Pinterest to plan for purchases, and 87% said they’ve bought something because they saw it on the platform. With 40% of Pinners having a household that makes over $100k/year, businesses can take advantage of their high disposable income.

What can Pinterest do for my business?

Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic back to your site. For product-based businesses, you can pin your most engaging pictures to your board in order to attract more visitors to their product pages.

If, on the other hand, your business model is based around services, you can use the pictures you add to your written content (blog posts, case studies, etc.) and pin them to generate a larger flow of readers.

Pinterest can also help you level up your keyword strategy. Your boards and collections will be indexed by Google and, combined with its domain authority, it will help you rank higher when people look for your brand.

Finally, it can help you test and analyze new products. Google Analytics will show you what pins are referring the most traffic and converting at a higher rate. That’s precious information to have, and it will allow you to predict what products of yours will have a higher demand.

Does Pinterest have any paid ads setting?

Yes, it does! Just like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest does have an option to promote your pins to quickly reach a larger audience. Promoted Pins can help you build your brand, drive traffic to your site, and even increase store sales.

Unlike other social platforms, Pinterest’s users are in a more receptive mindset and are much more likely to purchase immediately. They are actively deciding what to do or buy next, which helps advertisers that are willing to test this less mainstream platform. In fact, 73% of Pinners say that content from brands makes Pinterest more useful.

Some businesses are a perfect fit for Pinterest’s mostly female demographic. It is an untapped market that offers a more targeted audience –one that is actually open to being advertised to.

Are you wondering whether your business should join Pinterest? What’s stopping you? Leave us a comment below!

Marti writes about digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Find him with coffee and a laptop while traveling back and forth between Barcelona and Charlotte. Connect with him on LinkedIn.