Social media marketing is a great way to reach out to future clients. So many people spend their time on social media, whether it is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other sites. Here we will be discussing the benefits of using Facebook for financial planners. Advertising on Facebook can be very beneficial for financial planners. In fact, 82% of baby boomers use Facebook. Because your target audience is most likely going to be people who are older in age and are ready for retirement, Facebook is a great place to reach out to these baby boomers.

The following article will discuss the benefits of using social media as an advertising platform. More specifically, we will look at Facebook and how financial planners can use it to grow their business.


Creating a business page or an advertisement on Facebook can be very beneficial for your business, especially as a financial planner. A business page on Facebook can show your audience how to contact you. Make sure to keep your personal page and business page separate. Personal pages include “personal” information, which should stay separate from the workspace.

When you use the business page you can assign your staff members and users as admins, which can help with managing your site. Additionally, Facebook makes it easy for financial services to access certain features, such as creating an advertisement or a business page. Investing your time and money in Facebook can have several pay offs. Not only are you able to reach out to a target audience, you can also create connections and communicate with possible clients more easily. Facebook allows you to build relationships and grow as a business. Your audience can get to know you better by visiting your business page. Plus, you get to communicate more effectively through the use of certain tools, such as Facebook Messenger.


Every financial planner who uses Facebook as a marketing platform has probably heard of the following tips. However, if you are not familiar with Facebook, there are several steps and tricks to more successfully utilize Facebook as a tool to help grow your business in financial services.

Provide Contact Information

As previously mentioned, Facebook is a space where people can find contact information for businesses. Make sure to include the following basic information:

  • the name of your company
  • your location and address
  • phone number
  • email
  • business hours
  • website link
  • other social media accounts

You can include additional information that you would like to share. Most people will frequently ask or look for your basic business information. By providing the information as listed above, clients can more easily access your contact information. Also, it demonstrates your professional insights and skills.

In addition to contact information, you can provide information about your staff. You can include staff member names and information so people can learn more about your services.

Stay Engaged

Although Facebook has several benefits for businesses, it may require your time and money to successfully expand and grow your business. If you are looking to grow your business, it is important to stay engaged with the Facebook community. Provide excellent customer service by answering questions from users. Several businesses have their assistants take care of social media inquiries. By staying on top of customer questions and concerns, you show that you care and are invested in your business. This can also make you stand out from competition. Whether it is a post or a message on Facebook, you should regularly check if there are any inquiries you can address. Additionally, you can go to your settings and turn on notifications.

You can also include updates about your business as well as exclusive offers for your followers. This can make more people interested in your services and help spread the word.

Pay Attention to Your Ads

Finally, Ad frequency and ROI are very important indicators of how well your advertisements are doing on Facebook. Frequency involves the average number of times someone will receive your ad. For example, someone may see your advertisement only once, whereas another person may see it four or five times. If your frequency increases, then your cost-per-click will increase as well. More specifically, the more someone sees an ad does not necessarily mean they will click on the ad.

ROI is the “return on investment.” ROI is important because it allows organizations to track and improve their strategies and investments. In other words, tracking and measuring ROI helps to let you know what is working and what is not. A negative ROI means you should probably not invest as much money and make improvements. However, a positive ROI means you should expand and invest more money.

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